What is Flash and Why You Should avoid it for Website?

Flash is open-source software that allows users to create animated works like vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces and graphic illustrations that are typically saved as .FLV and can be viewed over the Internet.

If anyone asked me should we use Flash for their Website or not? I must say no. So you think that what's going on. What's so bad about flash? So here I explain simple points why I don’t use Flash on my clients’ sites.

• Flash doesn’t work on Apple mobile devices

Flash is terrible for mobile devices because it evacuates battery and eats memory. Also flash isn't supported on iPhone, iPad or iPod bit, and may usually be troublesome for your guests to use the least bit even on mobile devices that do support it. If each iOS user can’t use your website, that’s an enormous drawback.

• Flash isn't indexed by Google

Flash isn't simply indexed by Google, thus any content you've got in there's barely fat-free, at best. Your search result placement takes the hit.

• Inefficient

Flash consumes a great deal of power, slows down browsers and causes your pc to try to a great deal of unessential work. Mobile is big currently therefore the technology has got to be lightweight and economical.

• Flash isn’t easy to develop and update

Flash is more expensive to develop and update, unlike HTML5 & CSS3. If you want to make a simple change related to animation, that’ll take about 30 seconds with HTML & CSS, but flash could take hours or even days.

• Development cost

Flash also have licensing fees and development fees while HTML5 and CSS don't cost a thing. I can create my own code in simple text editor whatever I like. WordPress is open-source software. It's also allows developer to free of charge to develop and customize their website. It will be great to know that Why you choose WordPress for your website.

• Search engine compatibility

Flash is primarily accustomed integrate video and audio options into websites, however it can even take up the whole lot of a website's content, together with text and navigation buttons. This can be problematic that is as a result of the whole website operates as a picture, and search engines cannot notice the text at intervals it. HTML5 text, on the opposite hand, functions precisely the same method as plain text and might be derived, which suggests search engines will crawl your website for keywords.

If you use Flash to share content with your readers, not only do you have to download the proper software to create your content but also your reader must download the software. Also some mobile devices are incapable of handling Flash software.

HTML5 is faster than Flash. So it’s a power saver and also contains easy coding to translate your design to the viewable website.

If your website uses Flash for any animation, it's advice to remove it and replace that contain with HTML5, CSS or JavaScript whatever you like based on your requirements. If you need any help to design and develop website, stay in touch with us. We are ready to help you and achieve your need based on your business requirements. We have a team of experienced developer at Lathiya solutions Surat, India.