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We maintain your website while you focus on your business

Starting from $ 25/mo onward

    We, Lathiya Web Design & Web Development Solutions, are an India-based, fastest-growing, reputed company offering Website Maintenance Services to keep your website updated with the latest technology used to build your web application. This includes updated Company Information, Company Services, Product portfolio, Client testimonials, etc., as provided by the client. In the present situation, all companies are seeking ways to reduce costs and add value to their marketing and communications strategies. We work with each client to ensure that their site is maintained properly, tailored to their needs, with the main focus on website security. By using our services from India, you can substantially reduce your expenses, eliminating the need to hire full-time website designers or web content programmers.

    Redesign of an existing website involves creating a new structure and revising site content. By analyzing existing website access statistics, such as the number of visitors and their browsing patterns, we assist in redefining your site's content and navigation elements to enhance your business.

    Lathiya Solutions helps you maintain your website, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and gain a competitive advantage. Our web maintenance services and content management systems free you from the hassle of website upkeep. We continuously monitor your site and implement changes to enhance its performance, ensuring faster loading times and improved content distribution.

    Lathiya Solutions also regularly updates server-side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts, etc., in order to implement fixes for security vulnerabilities that may be discovered from time to time.

    Website Maintenance

    Ongoing Website Maintenance

    You want a fixed budget with regularly scheduled maintenance. Your website needs initial work, some additional features, and you can benefit from recurring updates.

    On time website maintenance

    One Time Maintenance

    Your website only needs occasional work, fixes or added features. You prefer to pay as you go and fix things as they come up, and keep your projects small.

    Search Engine Optimization Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization &  Marketing

    You're ready for people to find your website. We love White Hat SEO, and our team will help you benefit from doing SEM the right way.


    • Quickly follow website updates
    • Website Performance check Periodical
    • Protect site from Virus, Malware
    • Server performance checkup
    • Weekly Website backup
    • Weekly Database Backup
    • Website Traffic Analysis
    • Update new event content, banners, etc
    • Keep WordPress site upto date with new release update
    • Make sure site working with all functionality
    • 24x7 Support via Email / Phone
    • Keep server Clean
    • Protect site from Spam comment and leads

    We offer regular maintenance services to all industries

    • Business Corporate, Blog, Personal Website, Product Showcase, Portfolio, etc
    • Online Shopping eCommerce Website
    • NGO, Social Organization Websites
    • Schools, Colleges, Institutes Classes and University Websites
    • Special offer price for NGO and non profitable Organization

    Our professional services include:

    • Update with Latest Technology
    • Products add, update
    • Add photos, graphics, graphs, and charts
    • Text re-writes and improvements
    • Site facelifts and makeovers
    • Keeping the homepage day by day updated for return customers
    • Updates latest upcoming events with News.
    • Update the sitemaps on a monthly/quarterly basis for better Search Engine Crawling.
    • Website crawling monitoring on a weekly basis.
    • Keep your website optimized for mobile devices so you can have high mobile traffic.
    • Website Analytics Reporting.

    The benefit of Website Maintenance

    • Regular website updates help improve your ranking in search engines.
    • Regular site updates attract visitors to revisit the website.
    • Create a positive impression for your business and website.
    • Offer current information about your business and services.
    • Periodically purging the database for faster queries.
    • Clean up cached session ID data for faster page downloads.
    • Periodic speed tests to ensure redundancy on bandwidth.
    • Quick Turn around.
    • Regularly upgrade website software and plugins.
    • Friendly, personal human support.
    Lathiya Solutions provides cost-effective and time-efficient Website maintenance services, allowing you to focus more on your business. Our highly streamlined maintenance process meets your expectations through standardized analysis of the client’s site and suggestions for changes with meticulous time schedules and regular notifications of changes to the client.