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Nowadays, almost every client needs their website appears the same in all the devices either it is a computer, netbook, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any mobile devices. It is practically possible to make different design view for Computer, iPhone,  BlackBerry, iPad, netbook, etc. with all screen resolutions must be compatible, and If any new device is found then we should also design for them , so we manage to design for a number of additional inventions and maintain different design.This depicts that Rather than designing multiple sites for different sized devices, which includes the separate website for mobile, smartphone, tablet and desktop or laptop, the RWD approach designs only one website which appears in a perfect way to all these varied devices.

In simple terms, Responsive web design means a website that responds in an appropriate way to the device that accesses it either in a small screen or big screen.

Lathiya solutions Offer responsive web design concept in which our web application’s design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their Computer to iPad or Mobile device, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.

What is Responsive Web Design and Why it is needed?

A responsive website is a single website that adapts to the device of each unique visitor whether it is a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and image for various screen sizes in order to ensure the website is effective and easy to use on any device.

Why Should I Use Responsive Website Design?

Rapidly Growing Mobile Usage

Mobile web usage is growing at an extremely rapid rate that presents an enormous opportunity. A website that is not responsive for mobile devices could potentially miss out a lot of business opportunities. Our professional responsive designs deliver outstanding results for desktop, tablet, and mobile users. Responsive web design ensures that every user experience is an excellent one.


Efficient In Terms Of Both Time And Cost

Responsive website design can create much more effective in development time and cost. The responsive website development approach enables you to optimize your online business for all devices with a single design. Without this approach, you’re forced to spend time and resources building a separate mobile site.


Best Practices For Ranking High In Mobile Search Results

Responsive design is the preferred option when it comes to your website making both mobile friendly and search engine friendly. When it is an SEO  responsive website it can greatly help your initiatives and rank it easily from Google’s ‘mobile first index’ approach. By providing a website optimized for all screen sizes, it makes easier for search engines to understand and serve your content.


  • Recommended By Google - Mobility update 21st April 2015
  • One Website support many Devices
  • Excellent User Browsing experiance
  • Easy to Maintain for all devices visitor
  • Better for SEO performance & ranking
  • Future Proof

Test your Website Responsive or Not?

To find out whether your Website a responsive website or not open your site on different screen resolution devices like Mobile, iPad, Tablet, Desktop, etc. if website's content, images, and all other elements look perfect in all screen size without scrolling horizontally or zoom in/out then your website design is Responsive. You may confirm a  responsive website by following the online Responsive Web Design testing tool.

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