Long Tail Keyword – Why you should focus on it?

What is the Long-tail Keyword?

Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific and usually longer than more commonly searched for keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that don’t get searched as much as others but also increase the conversion rate.

So here we discuss how long-tail keywords are so important to your SEO efforts.

Easier to Rank

There is a more of competition for common head keywords, but much less for specific long-tail keywords. For instance, it’s hard to rank for “mission,” but easier to rank for “mission impossible fallout”.

Targeted Audience

Long-tail keywords tend to be very specific, so it makes a customer to ready a purchase a product or commitment. Because they already know what they want so they find it and another way some customers just search a general keyword. It’s just might to research.

Less Expensive Advertising

If you use Google Ad Words, a long-tail keyword is very helpful for your advertising because compare to some other keyword, a long-tail keyword is more specific and a lower search volume so it will be cheaper and more targeted.

Higher Conversion Rate

Many people that search using long-tail keywords typically are looking for a specific product or something and other people have already spend a lot of time doing research and narrowing down to their specific item that means searchers are still in research mode because they are not sure about what they want. For example, a person searching for iPhone may not sure about which version of the iPhone he wants, whereas a person searching for iPhone 10 is sure about what he wants, leading to a high conversion rate.

This is a key point of the ultimate power of Long-Tail Keyword. If you have any questions then free to contact us. We will happy to help you.