How Title Tags Help you to Rank On SERPs

What is Title tag?

It's HTML element which is placed under the <head> section of the source code of the webpage. The title tag is a name of a web page. It provides information about web pages to search engines and visitors to the website. It’s the most important individual on-page SEO element to address on a web page.


Why title tag is Important? 

  • Readers can easily know that what information is present on the page when they click on the page.
  • It also important in search engines because it's most apparent text in a search result. It's big things when someone clicks on the result. So it gets more traffic to your website.

So, anyone feels great when their Blog Post or website is in the first page of search results of Google.  It also helps to attract visitors. So here is discuss some tips to make your title tag look perfect and rank your website on the first page of Google search.


Tips to make your title tag look perfect

  • Use no more than 66 characters 

Google usually displays only the first 70 characters of the title tag whenever Bing allows up to 65 characters and after they simply add an ellipsis (…) If you want your title tags to look professional, don't use more than 66 characters. Also, short title easily can be read also it get more value Google attributes so it’s easier to score a keyword.

  • Choose perfect title tag which perfectly defines your page 

Choose a title tag which covers a page keyword. So Google finds very well also use a keyword which visitor mainly uses.

  • Put the keyword first in title tag 

Put the keyword first in title tag because Google reportedly attributes more value to the first word in a title tag than the last one.

  • The unique title tag for every page 

Make sure each page of your website should have a unique title tag. If all of your title tags are the same, the search engine may get confused and don't know how to rank your pages.

  • Use Separator with title tag 

Use a vertical dash (|) or hyphen (-) to separate your brand name from the actual page title for example Keyword or Page Name | Location (Optional) | Business Name. So it’s easily rank by the search engine. If you have any additional keywords then use it in your Meta description.


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