Tips to keep secure your WooCommerce WordPress Website

In WordPress and WooCommerce, a security measure is out of the box. Creating an online retail store in WooCommerce is easy but it markable that all online stores make an attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals. We gave a, Tips to keep secure your website

Tips to keep secure your website

So, Here we are going to share 14 actionable tasks or tips to secure your website that you can follow to keep their customers, team, and data safe in the event of those worst-case scenarios and help to improve your WooCommerce security.

1. Use a Secure Hosting

When selecting a hosting provider, always opt for one that provides extensive security features. These should include automatic updates, frequent backups, multiple firewalls, and malware scans. E-commerce or WordPress specific hosting service is also worth considering.

SiteGround offers high-performance WooCommerce hosting. They use proactive security methods, provide impressive 24/7 support, have free SSL included, and is PCI compliant. These are all important features for a WooCommerce store, and therefore will help provide an extra layer of security for your WordPress site.

2. Add SSL certificates

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) allows sensitive information to be transferred securely between a web server and a browser, via an encrypted connection. The majority of WooCommerce stores deal with valuable private customer and payment information. Therefore, it is crucial that this is kept safe. By using SSL, your site will be loaded over HTTPS, helping protect your customer data.

3. Use a Different Username Than “Admin”

If you are running an online store, always change your username to something other than ‘admin’, and use a complex password. This will help prevent your username and password being easily discovered and your site being compromised.

4. Use Strong Passwords

Remembering an elaborate login sequence can be difficult for many of us, to encourage stronger passwords, 1password is a great solution to the difficulty of creating, remembering, and changing passwords. Built-in feature in WordPress is “Better Passwords” which generates a strong password for its users.

5. Setup Two Step Authorization

Using a two-step authorization to log into your WordPress WooCommerce site is another way to improve security. Adding the extra dimension of verifying your login on another device, usually your smartphone provides an extra barrier of defence.

6. Always Keep Multiple Backups

As well as improving your WooCommerce security, another essential task is to back up your site and its data. You stand the chance of losing everything if the worst does happen and your site is hacked. That is unless you’ve backed up your site.

You can automate BackUpWordPress plugin and make a backup policy.

7. Keep Everything Updated

Upgraded versions eliminate many security breaches of the previous versions and should be promptly implemented. To keep your WordPress site vulnerabilities at a minimum, it is important that you implement any theme and plugin updates.

8. Use a Premium Theme with Support

Keeping the long-term security in mind, it is advisable to opt for premium themes that come with additional security benefits and more frequent and regular updates. You can find top-of-the-line WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest.

9. Use Security Plugins

There are many WordPress security plugins available that help a lot in improving the security of your website. This is top WooCommerce security plugins that are:

You can also see Top 22 must have Plugins in your WordPress website to make your website secure and attractive.

10. Limit Login Attempts

Even using best or strong passwords, some hackers still might try to brute force into your store and attempting to make the correct combination. Therefore, it is important to protect your site against them. Use Wordfence Plugin. Wordfence includes brute force protection as one of its many features.

11. Using secure payment gateways

Payment gateways are an integral feature of online retail sites. When choosing the service provider for a payment gateway, it must be ensured that they are reliable and reputed for safe transactions.

12. Change Database Table Prefix

If you installed WordPress with default prefix, that is used by the WordPress database. I recommend you change it to something unique like wpnew- .

Also WordPress provide free plugins like WP-DBManager or iThemes Security. This can help you to do this with just a click of a button.

13. Disable Edit Files from Admin

If a hacker obtains admin access to your WordPress dashboard, they still won’t be able to modify any file, You can opt by past following line of code to your wp-config.php file.

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

14. Disable directory listing with .htaccess

If you create a directory called “webdata” and do not put an index.html file in it, so your visitors can see everything in that directory simply by typing in your browser. No password or anything is needed.
To prevent this by adding the following line of code in your .htaccess file:

Options All –Indexes

This all are the tips to keep secure your website. There are a lot of things regarding WooCommerce WordPress website. Website attacks are increasing day by day but now all thanks to WooCommerce development services. For implementing and offering the great WooCommerce services to their customers.

You need to Hire WooCommerce Website Developer to maintain all your requirements according to the security of your customers and protections of their private information.