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we offering services to correct any SINGLE error and/or bug within your website/project.

we will fix a SINGLE bug or error as long as you provide me with the necessary information.

we have around 8+ years of web development experience and have amassed extensive knowledge in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery/AJAX/AngularJS/MeteorJS), HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3, LESS.

I have the required knowledge to correct your error and/or bug in the following area:

- JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, MeteorJS
- Website Responsiveness

One service is for ONE of the above items.

Please contact me detailing the bug/error you would like fixed.

If you have multiple bugs/errors, I can give you a quote to fix them all.

In processing, a deadly special case mistake or lethal blunder is a blunder that makes a program prematurely end and may thusly restore the client to the working framework. At the point when this occurs, information that the program was handling might be lost. A deadly blunder is typically recognized from a lethal framework error (informally alluded to in the MS Windows working frameworks by the mistake message it creates as a "blue screen of death"). A lethal mistake happens regularly in any of the accompanying cases.

1. Illicit guidance has endeavored

2. Invalid information or code has been gotten to

3. An activity isn't permitted in the present ring or CPU mode

A program endeavors to separate by zero.


In certain frameworks, for example, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, a deadly mistake makes the working framework make a log section or to spare a picture (center dump) of the procedure.

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