Easy Guide to develop a Website with CMS (Content Management System)

Making a website step-by-step with the beginning was very difficult years ago. It’s required Programming knowledge so it was very hard to start a blog and share thought across the world. But now a day, you can develop your website within 5 min without any coding knowledge.

but How?

If you want to develop a new website then you need to start with a platform, selecting the right CMS (Content Management System) can help you a lot. Here we are offering you a quick review of the top 4 CMS for E-commerce include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and PrestaShop (eCommerce sites). These CMS are open-source, which means you can use them for free.


To create your new website on these platforms, you can follow the following steps:

1. Once you’ve chosen the right CMS for your website, you need to start thinking of a domain name. This domain will be yourname.com, yourbusiness.com or something similar.

2. When selecting a site name, choosing reliable hosting services are one among the foremost necessary choices you create. Ensure your website is on the market to 24/7 potential readers, and additionally, your files square measure keep on-line. We have a tendency to extremely suggest Bluehost, that powers over a pair of million websites worldwide.

3. When signing up for the hosting services, you’ll see an icon somewhere on the host’s control device that claims one thing like, “One-click installation,” “Install in style computer code,” or “WordPress installation.” It’s as straightforward as clicking that icon and follows the piecemeal directions to put in the latest version of WordPress.

4. Once installation of WordPress complete, you'll log in to your admin area/panel of the CMS. Among the dashboard of a website, associate degree administrator will handle a mess of tasks. These embrace the subsequent :

  • - Add new website pages and blog posts, edit them, and delete them.
  • - Add users to specific user roles and permissions to your site.
  • - Add new themes for design, edit them, and delete them.
  • - Add new add-ons (plugins) for functionality, edit them, and delete them.
  • - Moderate comments on blog posts.


You can create an eCommerce website with additional plugins like WooCommerce that provide easy customization for your business website.

It’s your time to get to know them even better. We’ve shown you How to choose best CMS for your website. We've got shown you preferred CMS platforms. All of them can allow you to manage each content and products sales. It’s your time to get to know them even better.

If you choose to start out your new website with these CMS’s or if you have got any question relating to a way to develop a website with CMS than keep touch with us and we’ll assist you with each step of your new journey.