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First of all, we see in brief about web design

What is web designing?

Creating a website on the Internet is like building a house like we buy the land first to build a house, in the same way, to build a website, first, we buy Hosting on which our website is built, then later we design a website like a house. Let's prepare the map and looking at the map, we make the whole house, similarly looking at the design of the website, an entire website is prepared and it is known as designing and you are going to learn the Best website design company India.

Web designing has two parts, as I said, first the design is prepared which we design the front end and then looking at that design, the whole website will be created with the help of coding. This coding is called Bake and Designing, so it is both different There are different ways in which both of them have their different work which is given below

Front End Web Designing

As the name itself suggests, first and web designing is done by designing the front. Front end designing is done as we color it outside the house and make it beautiful. In this, care is taken that which items should be placed where so that the incoming user does not have much trouble in finding the content. You must have seen a flowering plant in which the flower reflects beauty. We can consider this flower as front end web designing and the stem below which we can consider as back end web designing.

Back End Web Designing

You can consider Back End web designing as the foundation of any website. This designing is not visible to the user but it has the biggest hand in creating the website. With back end web designing, the owner of the website can ban many things so that you cannot open those things.

What to do to learn web design

To become a true web designer, you need to have both friend end and back end designing. For this, we are telling you which programs you need to learn so that you can become a good web designer.

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