WooCommerce checkout page visual hook guide

WooCommerce has ample totally different hooks for their product pages, cart page & checkout page. These hooks help us to add our content in several places on these pages. Here we have a tendency to discuss WooCommerce checkout page hooks.

1. woocommerce_before_checkout_form

The woocommerce_before_checkout_form hook is defined before the checkout form. It is placed above the coupon field on the checkout page.

2. woocommerce_checkout_before_customer_details

The woocommerce_checkout_before_customer_details hook is defined in the checkout form just before the customer details.

3. woocommerce_before_checkout_billing_form

The woocommerce_before_checkout_billing_form hook is defined before the start of the billing form.

4. woocommerce_after_checkout_billing_form

The woocommerce_after_checkout_billing_form hook is