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Pelican Pharma Care ™ Pelican Pharma Care has successfully met the growing demands of the pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of effective formulations and medicines. We have distributed a number of OTC (over the counter) medicines and other life-saving medicines that are safe to be consumed. All medicines that we take cost-effectively in nature because we buy them directly in bulk quantities. Our substantial growth is mainly attributed to the efficient and quality medicines that we and our specialist sales practices deal with. We directly meet the needs of large, medium and small enterprises and individuals worldwide.

World-wide to meet individual patient needs with medicines
Pelican Pharma Care unlicensed medicines service gives consumers access to a vast range of products from suppliers around the world. A wide range of products and services enable Pelican Pharma Care to satisfy its growing international customer base. The group stocks products across the UK, USA, and European branded ethical, generics and over the counter medicines across multiple sectors

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