Compass Lands – Property Listing


WE have been in business for seventeen years. I can say without hesitation that our current website which was designed and implemented by LATHIYA SOLUTIONS is one of the best we have received to till date. While older websites served their purpose, they were stable and very difficult to manage and maintain. We had to depend on outside experts for the simplest changes. Apart from being expensive, it was also inconvenient. All of that has changed with the tremendous job LATHIYA SOLUTIONS has done with our current site. Their 6-hour training session and comprehensive manual developed for us now allows us to do all the regular updates/maintenance at home. The modular design/architecture of the site lends itself very well to future enhancements and upgrades without affecting current functionality. Follow up on issues related to the premiere web design solution site is exceptional. Considering all this We wholeheartedly recommend giving this company to all its partners and friends.

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