7 Signs That Indicate Your WordPress site is Hacked

Getting your site hacked is worst thing that happen in your website. It also impacts your traffic, business and much more. But how you know that your site is hacked or not. So here we discuss about signs that indicate your wordpress site is hacked. There are some common sign that facilitate to seek out if your wordpress website is hacked or not.

1. Unable to Access Your Admin Panel

If you are unable to access admin panel in your wordpress site, then there's a possibility that hackers might have deleted your admin account from wordpress. So you don't able to reset your password from admin panel. In that case you should add Admin account using FTP or phpMyAdmin.

2. Your site redirects to other website

If you site may redirecting to non-desirable web site than it's chance that hackers might have unauthorized access to your server. In that case take a look index.php, index.html, .htaccess file, header.php (in the themes folder), footer.php(in the themes folder) and see if there’s anything there that occur redirection.

3. Unexpected Users Registering in wordpress

If you don’t allowing user registration and notice new user in wordpress accounts, then your site is probably hacked.

4. Sudden traffic spikes

If your site receives a stable amount of traffic, unusual drops or spikes is another troubling sign, then this could be a sign that your WordPress site is hacked. You can check your website using the Google’s safe browsing tool to see your safety report.

5. Homepage is Defaced or Displays Manipulated Content

If your site homepage design in spoil or you can see unusual content added on your homepage. So your site has probably been hacked.

6. Errors or Warning Show Up in the Browser

Most browsers warn you when they detect phishing attacks, malware, cross-referencing or other bad stuff when you visit a suspicious site. You can test for this at any time by checking Google’s Transparency Report.

7. Unknown Files and Scripts on Your Server

If you are using site scanner plugin like wordfence, then it will show you unknown file or script on your server. Most of files are place in wp-content folder. To fix this issue, deleting this files or removes code from this file.

Hacked website totally brings your website down and also creates a risk for your business. It’s highly recommended to secure your wordpress site and stop hacking attempts as soon as possible. Have we missed any signs of hacked websites? Do you have more tips to secure wordpress websites from hacking attacks? Please let us know in the comments!